A105 Ball Valve Ball

A105 Ball Valve Ball

A105 Valve Ball made from ASTM A105 forged steel material, which is for low temperature pplication.Normally with ENP plating with 25 micron,50 micron,75micron thickness.

A105 is ASTM standard no., A stands for ordinary carbon structural steel. Standard name: carbon steel forgings for pipe parts. Since only one carbon steel forging is specified in this standard, A105 is considered as a carbon steel forging. A105 is also a material code, belongs to special steel, is a cold forged steel. A105 is a low carbon steel forging. Its standard has two, one is the American standard “ASTM A105/A105M pipe components with carbon steel forgings”, the other is the Chinese standard “GB/T12228-2006 general valve carbon steel forgings technical conditions”.

A105 Chemical composition and mechanical properties
A105 chemical composition: C 0.35, or less Mn0.6-1.05, P acuities were 0.025, S 0.010 or less, Si acuities were 0.10 0.35, Cu 0.40 or less, Ni 0.40 or less, Cr 0.30, or less Mo acuities were 0.12, 0.05 V or less, Nb 0.02 or less

Mechanical properties:
tensile strength ≥485 yield strength ≥250 elongation Standard distance 2in or 50mm≥ : Basic elongation for longitudinal bar test, wall thickness ≥5/16in.30(7.9mm) For standard round bar test, section shrinkage of small size sample with standard length 2in or 50mm 22 or 4D standard length, %≥30 hardness, HB≤187

The quality of A105 valve forged steel is higher than that of cast steel, it can withstand great impact force, plasticity, toughness and other mechanical properties are higher than WCB cast steel, so all important machine parts should be forged steel.

A105 Valve Ball Specification

Pressure RatingClass 150LB-600LB
Nominal Size1/2’’ ~ 56’’
Support TypesRectangle Socket, Curve Slot, Support Plate etc

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