Electroless Nickel Plate (ENP) Valve Balls


Electroless Nickel Plate on the valve balls
ENP can be applied on the ball of the ball valves for reducing the friction between ball and seat and reducing the torque values for ease of valve operation or corrosion protection (In case of ball base material is not high corrosion resistance like Carbon Steel A105..).

Ball Valve Seats

Product Feature:
Material: Carbon Steel
 by Forging and centrifugal casting
Roundness ≤0.03mm
Surface roughness=0.4μm
Outside diameter. 1/2″-4″ +-0.03 mm, 6″-12″+-0.05 mm (Outside diameter tolerance)
Inner diameter 1/2″-4″ 0~0.03mm,6″~12″ 0~0.05mm (Inner diameter tolerance)
Plating Thickness: 25µm,50µm,75µm
Hardness 500-1300 Hv.


Material:Carbon Steel
Processing of blankForging, centrifugal casting , coil welding
Sample making timeNormally 5days
Lead timeNormally within 30 days
PackageCartons if no special requests
Types of ballFloating ball , trunnion ball ,hollow ball, solid ball, Metal to Metal ball, T-port ball,V-port ball,Special ball,Blank ball
Surface treatmentPolishing, nickel plating (ENP)

*Any other sizes available on request according to customer drawings!