Metal Seats Valve Balls


Metal seated ball valves are mainly used for heavy duty applications such as:

High temperatures: above 260 ºC the use of soft seats is not recommended.
Abrassive media: even small particles can damage soft seats.
High Velocity in opening/closing cycles: this action can perfectly deform the soft ring and destroy the seat.

Metal seated ball valves for different services (slurries, pulp and liquors, high temperature, abrasive or sticking fluids, control).

Bubble tight sealing up to 500 ºC
Low coefficient of friction
Excellent sliding and running properties
Hardens the complete surface of ball and seats

Metal Seats Valve Balls

Product Feature:
Material: F304, F316, CF8M, CF8, 1.4301 1.4008,4A …etc. by Forging and centrifugal casting
Roundness ≤0.03mm
Surface roughness=0.4μm
Outside diameter. 1/2″-4″ +-0.03 mm, 6″-12″+-0.05 mm (Outside diameter tolerance)
Inner diameter 1/2″-4″ 0~0.03mm,6″~12″ 0~0.05mm (Inner diameter tolerance)


MaterialF304, F316, CF8M, CF8, 1.4301 1.4008,4A …etc. 
Processing of blankForging, centrifugal casting , coil welding
Sample making timeNormally 5days
Lead timeNormally within 30 days
PackageCartons if no special requests
Types of ballFloating ball , trunnion ball ,hollow ball, solid ball, Metal to Metal ball, T-port ball,V-port ball,Special ball,Blank ball
Surface treatmentPolishing, nickel plating (ENP), chromium plating (ECR), tungsten carbide (TCC), chromium carbide (CCC), NI60, NI55 and surfacing nickel-based materials

*Any other sizes available on request according to customer drawings! 

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Automatic molding line and centrifugal casting on ball for valve production

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